PATAMABA – (Pambansang Tagapag-ugnay ng mga Manggagawa sa Bahay)

(National Network of Homeworkers)

One the largest associations of women homeworkers engaged in livelihood activities, PATAMABA pursues efforts towards common facilities sharing and collective marketing in order to mobilize producers from its membership to respond quickly to trade opportunities. Being a tightly-knit organization, PATAMABA works closely with other networks for exchanging experiences and sharing opportunities to address women’s issues and concerns, such as economic empowerment and the inclusion of marginalized producers in the global economy.
The PATAMABA-WINNER partnership began with the visit of the UNIFEM Regional Advisor to some of the project sites of PATAMABA in Metro Manila. During the dialogue with UNIFEM officials, PATAMABA indicated the areas where assistance can be provided by UNIFEM’s WINNER Project. Initially, these areas included members’ training in business practices, the matching of PATAMABA members’ products with market demand and the networking with similar organizations which advocate women economic empowerment. Mostly home-based workers, PATAMABA members need training in international trade procedures and practices, links with market contacts and pooling of production capacity to meet market demand.

The association has sent participants to four WINNER training programs. To date, 68 of its members have been direct beneficiaries of the training. The largest group, comprising of 39 members, attended the training in Iloilo City, which also coincided with the installation and launching of the WINNER Help Desk. The computer hardware and software provided by WINNER has been connected to the Internet, and has greatly helped members access information they need for their businesses. The Help Desk also provides the members opportunity to do self-study on e-commerce, international trade and enterprise management in their free time.

Established in 1989, the association has 17 employees. It has a wide sectoral coverage and nationwide network consisting of non-governmental organizations, the academe, people’s organizations, community-based organizations and project solidarity groups and alliances.

For more information, contact:

Pambansang Tagapag-ugnay ng mga Manggagawa sa Bahay (PATAMABA)
67 Saleng Street, Project 7
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Con: Mrs. Primar Jardeleza, National Coordinator
Tel: (632) 4164426
Fax: (632) 4154426