Technology innovations showing new ways of addressing old development challenges

Some of the needs of manufacturers of commercial goods and producers of services may be addressed by technology solutions from industrialized countries as well as advanced developing economies. These innovations on new ways of doing things efficiently could be made available to interested parties, based on mutually-beneficial commercial terms and conditions.

Recently, Innovations for Development and South-South Cooperation (IDEASS), a programme of UNOPS (United Nations Office of Project Services) has published information bulletins on various technological breakthroughs that can easily be transferred to or adopted by developing countries. The aim of this programme is to strengthen the effectiveness of local development processes through increased use of innovations, which may be products, technological know-how or even social, economic and cultural practices.

On the other hand, since its inception in 1986, Technological Information Promotion System (TIPS), an interregional project of UNDP for South-South Cooperation, collects and puts together information on available technology products as well as research and development breakthroughs, information about which is disseminated to information users in the participating developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America as well as Eastern Europe. Information, both in hard and soft copies, is shared with its partner organizations and allied programmes in the developing regions of the world.

Both IDEASS and TIPS have been collaborating with each other on the sourcing of information on technological innovations, commercial products and technologies that are ready for transfer as well as results of research and development activities.

Both programmes put out information on the Internet and through their respective global portals, publicize the same through participation in major trade fairs and technology exhibitions, locally as well as at international venues. In the last two World Expos (Shanghai, China and Milan, Italy), TIPS represented its partner organizations by way of joining technical and business discussions, economic forum, market-match meetings and maintaining physical presence by putting up exhibit booth and pavilion.

Some examples of these technology innovations are: solar still for drinkable water production from polluted waters; pallet production by recycling flower stems; complete drying of lemons without any artificial or chemical substances; multi-level towers for increased cultivation surface in organic farming; autonomous solar ice fridge, among others.

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