Small firms quick on seizing business opportunity across developing countries

In today’s globalized economy, small enterprises are quick in responding to fresh opportunities from faraway places. Such is the case of a Zimbabwean company that tapped the experience and expertise of a Philippine consulting group for bat guano processing and production start-up project.

Zimbabwean firm, Universal Services (Pvt.) Ltd. entered into consultancy services agreement with a Philippine consulting group for setting up an integrated processing plant for bat guano.

Bat guano starts as bat manure or bat droppings that fall to the floor of a cave. Once on the cave floor the manure is eaten by guano beetles and microbes, thereby rendering the guano odor free, free of pathogens and other toxins, and turning it into organic, natural fertilizer rich in nutrients for plants.

In the Philippines, the province of Palawan is known to have guano producing caves. Guano collected from these caves is in commercial quantity.

According to the Filipino consultant, Benito Maray, Zimbabwe is known to have huge untapped guano deposits in various places across the country. Universal Business Services (Pvt.) Ltd. has taken the initiative to develop the country’s guano resources for the domestic market as well as for export. The consultancy agreement covered all aspects of guano collection and processing, from feasibility study to the implementation of a production plant.

The transfer of know-how in collecting, processing and export of bat guano started when the Zimbabwean company made an inquiry with the Technological Information Promotion System (TIPS) bureau in Zimbabwe, which in turn passed on the information to its counterpart bureau in the Philippines.

The business cooperation between two small enterprises that had no previous contact with each other was made possible through exchanges of information and the assistance of TIPS-Philippines and TIPS-Zimbabwe.

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