Best Practices

Craftsmanship: Feel It and Do It

Her products speak of creativity and passion—laminated balls of different sizes and exhibiting rare “textures” of varied “harvest items” as she calls them – sago or tapioca, banana fiber, mongo, ipil, twigs, pandan fruits, twine, banaba seeds and even wood shavings. Who would have thought these indigenous materials could be made into decorative items to grace homes in the United States and Europe?
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Mayat-an Handicrafts: Weaving Dreams into Success

To this day, Rovilyn Mayat-an remains intrigued by the twist of fate that spiraled her to success. Because more than once, opportunity knocked when she hit rock bottom, Mayat-an feels that there must be cosmic intervention in how she lifted her small business, Mayat-an Handicrafts, off the ground into a multi-million enterprise, just when all was looking bleak in her life.

But listening more closely to her story, it becomes apparent that it was not only sheer luck that saw her through dark times, but a will to improve her life no matter what. And lots of hard work.

Mayat-an had just opened a sack of freshly woven baskets from Ilocos Sur when I came to interview her. She sat in the middle of what is her living room turned into production area. It was after school hours and in another corner of the room were her children, sorting out wild bamboo strips to be used for weaving baskets. Close to the window side, two women sewers were busy cutting and fashioning out woven cloth weaves into bags. The atmosphere thrived with women energies that made for an easy exchange of talk.
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Connie’s Kitchen: Home-Cooked Goodness in a Glass Jar

Nowadays, a lot of foods on supermarket shelves contain additives that lengthen shelf life and improve flavor and texture. While the efficacy and safety of food additives in processed foodstuffs have been widely tested, consumers still prefer “all-natural, no preservatives, no additives” in their diets for health and other reasons. Food processors like Connie’s Kitchen provide an alternative for these discriminating consumers.

Connie’s Kitchen became a business by chance. Its success, however, is not. It came through years of hard work, patience, planning and prudence. Here is their story.
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GSG Industries: Smoothening Out Environmental Wrinkles

Paper. Perhaps the most versatile material ever created by man. And depending on how it is used, it becomes one of the most highly prized products on earth.

Take the case of the Crane paper company in the United States. For over a hundred years, this company has been supplying the United States government with the special paper used to make official dollar bills. As the president of the company once jokingly remarked in an interview, “it is remarkable how, out of virtually worthless materials, we have managed to create something that is highly prized and sought after the world over!”
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Daila Herbal Community Enterprises, Inc.

Nature has provided for most of our requirements. For thousands of years, man has taken nature’s bounty to fulfill his need for food, clothing, shelter and so much more. Even for his survival.

The lush tropical rainforest conceals a veritable department store of plants that contain chemicals with commercial value. Take for example an orchid in a South American jungle that has yielded vanilla, now widely used to flavor foods. Or the ylang-ylang, a source of an ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics. More recently, researchers discovered a seemingly innocuous plant in Madagascar that contains a chemical for the cure leukemia in children. This has given rise to a new industry in Madagascar as natives now grow and process the plant for pharmaceutical companies.
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CLAJIREE Enterprises

A decade ago, an earthquake devastated the northern part of Luzon. Especially hard-hit was the picturesque city of Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. Residents of the city, as well as nearby towns in Benguet province were faced with the daunting prospect of rebuilding their towns and city, their homes and businesses, and their lives.
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Aurora Hats and Crafts

Who would think a small enterprise with a handful of weavers and a capital of PhP 6,000 could become a multi-million peso business in the export market in just ten years? Well, this is the success story of Aurora Hats and Crafts (AHC). It started with a production capacity of 400 hats per month as a supplier to a Manila-based exporter and now it produces an average of 10,000 hats per month.
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Moonbake, Inc.

For many people in our fast-paced world, a home-cooked meal is a luxury. Few have the time, energy and inclination to simply prepare a dish that takes hours to prepare – from slicing the ingredients to spending hours in front of a hot stove waiting for the precise moment when a culinary masterpiece is done.
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